About Vancouver Festival

Vancouver is a beautiful city that cultivates talent, friendships, and relationships within the entertainment arts industry. More than 60,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated by film and TV production in B.C.; more than 80 percent of these are in Metro Vancouver. Vancouver has the largest cluster of top VFX and Animation studios in the world, including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Animal Logic and others. All of this means that Vancouver is the ideal location to take the next step in your filmmaking career. Inspired by this infrastructure, the Vancouver Independent Film Festival was created with both a seasonal and yearly structure. The festvial has both online and physical screenings. At the end of each season, the jury selects the winners of each category through private screenings. The winners of each season will be then considered for online screening. Furthermore, each year we will choose a few films from the winners for the yearly competition; if they get selected by the programming committee, they will be shown and compete with other films-winners at the annual event. The official selection nominees are more than welcome to attend our yearly screening event and red carpet ceremony. Winners will be announced on our website every season.