Meet The Cast And Characters Of Yellowjackets Season 2

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March 24, 2023
Yellowjackets Reinvents The ‘Puzzle Box’ Show By Throwing Away The Usual Playbook
March 24, 2023

“Yellowjackets” may have been in hibernation for the past year, but winter is just beginning for the characters in Showtime’s hit supernatural survival series. The show’s second season kicks off this week with a premiere that features a bit of a ’90s plot time jump, but that’s not the only major change; with the survivors in close quarters, several teammates who were previously background characters are now much more front and center.

Meanwhile, in the present day, two Yellowjackets who viewers didn’t know were still alive are poised to crawl out of the woodwork, along with a familiar new guest star. It’s a lot to keep straight with or without mushroom-spiked soup in your system, so we’ve got you covered with a quick character guide. Read on to refresh your memories on all things “Yellowjackets” — before one or more of these characters gets (probably) eaten up.